Dear Self

Godmorgon. Måndag. Trött. 11h jobb. Jobbigt. Crusch. Hashtag, värtattpunktera. Hade visst glömt bort känslan av att gå på moln. Hur det är att ha behovet av att behöva gå in på någons instagramprofil ca sjutton gången om dagen. Hehe, men jag känner. Jag lever. Och jag är stolt som fan. Här kommer dagens notis;

" Cuz, Dear Self,

I am so proud of how strong you become. I thought that you can't make it. But here you are, overcoming your weknesses and turning them as your strenghts. I can say that you are doing it great. You made the best decision to look forward and move on. Keep it up! Don't let downfalls control you. You are not alone because I'm always here for you and I believe in ypur capabilities. And the way you smile today radiates an optimistic, a new and a better YOU. So cheers for more challenges that we'll conquer together!


Better You. "